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Diet Soda & Stroke: Not as Sweet as we Thought?

PharmD 2011

Once upon a time, you were told that soft drinks like Coca-Cola or Pepsi were bad for you because they are packed with sugar and empty calories.  Being the intellectual, health-conscious individual that you are, you made the switch to the diet version of your favorite soft drink. The after taste took some getting used to but you stuck with it and gave yourself a pat on the back for the change. Now your favorite news outlet is telling you that a recent poll found that people who drink diet drinks are twice as likely to suffer strokes. Your world has been rocked and you don’t know what to do.  Let’s take a look at what the poll really found and where to go from here.

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03 2011

Zinc: The New Proven Coldbuster

MD 2011 |

Cold season seems to last longer and longer each year. Rain or shine, you always seem to find yourself around someone with a case of the sniffles. As miserable as it is for the sniffling individual, the common cold is making an even bigger impact on our society’s finances. Each year, the US spends $7.7 billion on 100 million doctors visits, accounting for an average of 2-4 colds for a single adult each year and up to 12 colds for children. American children can miss up to 189 million school days each year due to cold symptoms, causing parents to stay home and lose126 million workdays. Starting to get the picture?  The seemingly benign common cold is making a sizable impact on us as a society.

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03 2011

Headaches: Why Won’t My Head Stop Pounding?

DPT 2011 |

Headaches suck, period. They have an infallible ability to ruin an otherwise stellar day.  Before you can treat the awful day-buster, we need to figure out exactly what type of headache you’re suffering from.  Headaches come in two varieties: primary & secondary.  Primary headaches, including migraine, tension-type and cluster, exist without outside influence. Secondary headaches, headaches with a clearly identifiable pathological cause, include withdrawal headaches as well as headaches related to high blood pressure, cervical spine issues, tumors, etc.  Luckily, most headaches present in a relatively predictable way, making them easier to identify and properly treat.  It’s about time we had some good news!

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03 2011

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