Integrative Medicine

Christine M. Dionese, Licensed Acupuncturist and native New Yorker turned Californian, is an integrative health care specialist, medical journalist and speaker. A natural born rebel and personal choice advocate, Christine’s strong sense of social dynamics drives her to explore and discover the best ways to attain total wellness. She’s dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful affects on everyday human health. An expert in integrative medicine, Christine is shaping the way health care providers will treat their patients as alternative medicine drives into the mainstream.

The affects of emotions on physiology are at the heart of Christine’s unique private practice. Her New York based practice highlights the exciting field of psychoneuroendocrinology which explores the dynamic connections between neuropsychology, endocrinology, and immunology. Her devotion to patient awareness and advocacy is evidenced through her result-driven, multi-disciplinary practice style.

As VP of marketing at WellWire, Christine is excited to push beyond the limits of health care 2.0 and into the community creating Everyday Holistic Solutions. At WellWire Christine engages readers on global health trends, the science of alternative medicine, and ecologically sustainable topics. She is excited to see how the fields of neuroscience, microbiology, synaesthesia, ecology, and sociolinguistics are becoming extensions of one another in advancing the ways we learn, co-exist, and heal in the modern world today.

Christine lives by the ocean in sunny San Diego, California. In between projects, she spends her time writing from the 976 Beach Cafe, gardening organically, perfecting recipes with medicinal foods, learning how to surf at low tide and being human. You can read some of  Christine’s work at her lifestyle and wellness blog, Reaching Beyond Now.  You can also follow Christine on Twitter to see what she’s talking about now.

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