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Yeast Infections: A Ladies’ Management Guide

by Shannon Connolly, MD

Ladies, if you have ever been in the unfortunate position of having a rip-roaring vaginal yeast infection, this is the article for you. If you have never had a rip-roaring vaginal yeast infection, this article is also for you…for the future. Because chances are, if you are in possession of a vagina, you will, at some point in your life, have a yeast infection.  It’s just one of those things that happens to those of us that are fortunate enough to have a vagina. Luckily, a yeast infection is a temporary problem that can be treated pretty easily.  How, you ask?  Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of the key steps to the healthy vagina you’ve grown to love. Read the rest of this entry →


04 2013

HIV/AIDS: Breaking the Stigma

by Manny Mendoza, MD |

Let’s talk about sex! Okay, by sex we mean sexually transmitted diseases and one in particular: HIV/AIDS. Did you know that it has been thirty years since the virus that changed sexual politics and sexual health forever was discovered? Did you know that the stereotypical face of HIV/AIDS is no longer what it used to be? Many people believe that HIV/AIDS is an illness that exclusively affects the gay community.  Although men who have sex with men (MSM) remain the largest single affected community (representing more than half of all new HIV infections) the virus has also become a serious threat to African Americans, Latinos, and women. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2013

Circulation: Smoking, Smoking Cessation and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Women


12 2012

Breaking Down Acne

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA

Acne sucks.  Period.  We can’t think of a single beneficial aspect of the stupid thing.  It ruins prom pictures, makes inherently self-conscious teens more self-conscious, and causes your co-workers stare you chin as if Charlie Sheen we’re doing a drug-induced rain dance on it.  As such, it’s time we make it go away.

Now about that.  American capitalism loves acne.  You can’t get through an episode of The Bachelorette without a Clearasil commercial proffering a one-cream cure.   If you walk the Health & Beauty section at Target, you’ll find an entire aisle dedicated to acne treatment.  They’ve designed fancy motorized scrubby brushes, magic creams, and multi-step tonics to treat it.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t need any of that stuff.  A $80 bottle of crème de Provence is no better at treating acne than a generic bottle of 10% benzoyl peroxide.  In fact, the French “crème” is probably making your acne worse.  Don’t believe us?  A little walk through the underlying cause of acne may turn you into a believer. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2012

The Power of the Mind: Depression and Heart Disease

by Brenton Bauer, MD 2012

One word: Psychosomatic.  Think about it…what comes to mind?  The majority of people, at least transiently, see the words “crazy” or “it’s all in your head” flash across their internal teleprompter.  To clarify, psychosomatic is not medical speak for “crazy”; in fact, there is an entire subspecialty of psychiatry that deals with psychosomatic medicine.  The field of psychosomatics is interested in the interface between the mind and the body and the dynamic interplay that goes on between the two.  Recently, the Los Angeles Times published an article that discussed a particular psychosomatic link between depression and heart disease.  We’d like to discuss this association and illuminate the topic with the latest research publications (not that we have anything against the way the LA Times covered it. We just thought you might be interested in the hard science).

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04 2011

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