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Fad Diets: The Good, The Fad & The Ugly

MS, RD |

With a new diet making headlines each week it can be more than a little confusing deciding which diet will give you the results you’re looking for. Many of these diets have some good intentions but can be very stringent or not realistic to follow for more than a few days. Most fad diets cut out entire food groups, making it difficult to meet the nutrient requirements we need for our bodies to function properly. These fad diets become popular because people actually lose weight on them; many of these fad diets will reduce your caloric intake in one way or another leading to weight loss…it’s not rocket science. Last year, a nutrition professor lost weight on a diet consisting of twinkies and donuts because he simply decreased his overall calorie intake. We don’t recommend the Twinkie Diet (it is obviously lacking in several areas including fruits and vegetables), but it proves a valuable point: there’s more to a healthy diet than weight loss.  We’ll not only discuss the basic idea behind recent fad diets, but also get into the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of each.

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02 2011

FRS Health Energy: What is Quercetin?

PharmD 2011 |

What do Pro Volleyball, Lance Armstrong, and Motor Sports have in common?  Besides making us feel like we should get off the couch more, all of them are sponsored by a revolutionary energy drink that promises “to produce more real energy.”  Real energy?  It turns out we can blame sleep deprivation for America’s craving for alternative energy.  Approximately 20-40% of adults report difficulty sleeping at some point each year due to a myriad of reasons (first date anxiety, work deadlines, World of Warcraft…you get the idea) (1).  It’s no surprise that more people are turning to a quick “natural” fix after a sleepless night to boost their energy level like Pac-man and his power pellets.  Free Radical System (FRS) claims to offer a natural, healthy form of energy.  Should we denounce milk and pour FRS into our cereal bowls instead? Besides questionable after taste, it might not be a bad idea to learn more about the active ingredient in FRS before doing so.

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01 2011

Calcium Supplements & Heart Disease

MS, RD |

Earlier this year, a study looking at the relationship between calcium supplements and cardiovascular events was published changing the way doctors and other healthcare professionals approach calcium supplementation. This study, which included analysis of 12,000 subjects, found that oral calcium supplements can increase the risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attacks (1). With many people taking calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, this study has made many health professional reassess the risks and benefits of taking those tasty calcium supplements for bone health.  We’ll discuss the results of this study and what these results mean for you.

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12 2010

Holiday Eating Guide: 5 Tips to Avoid the Extra 5 Pounds

by Elizabeth Ortega, MD 2011 |

The holidays are here, bringing family feasts, festive baked goods, toasty foam-topped beverages and tantalizing cocktails.  Throw 3 feet of snow in the mix along with sub-zero temperatures and you have the perfect storm for holiday weight gain.  The House Call, MD team has put together 5 tips to help you make it through December without picking up any extra holiday weight.  This way, you can have your holiday bundt cake and eat it too!

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12 2010

Weight Loss: With or Without Surgery?

by Leah Frankel, MS, RD

Americans are always looking for the newest and fastest thing on the market. From fast food to express car service, Americans can’t get enough quick fixes. If you listen to ads on the radio or read the billboards on the freeway, you may have noticed an increase in advertisements for the lap band, a weight loss procedure promising quick results. Aside from the fact that the lap band procedure aids in weight loss, most people don’t know much about how this procedure works or whether they’re an appropriate candidate. While media has recently focused on the lap band procedure, there are several other surgeries available for people trying to lose weight. At the same time, realize that these are surgeries and should not be taken lightly.  Every operation, no matter how technologically advanced, carries with it the risk of serious complications.  We’ll discuss each type of procedure, which individuals are candidates for these procedures as well as some of the risks and benefits of each of these procedures.

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10 2010

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