House Call References:

TRAINER Fitness Guide: Outlines how to perform every exercise you could imagine for your fitness routine

Vitamin & Mineral Guide: An outline of what each vitamin does, how much you need and which foods contain them

Reputable resources to help you answer any and all medical questions that pop into your mind:


PubMed: Life Science Journal Search Engine

Wikipedia: The Everyman’s Encyclopedia for Everything

Medical Dictionary: Hepatospleno-what?  Translate your doctor’s medical jargon with this great resource

New England Journal of Medicine: The Ivy League’s monthly medical publication packed with the hottest new medical research

British Medical Journal: Medical Publication of the Year

The National Library of Medicine

Hospital Compare: Research your local hospitals to find the best perfoming and safest medical center in your region

Help Guide: Resources to help people understand, prevent, and resolve life’s challenges.

Library of the National Medical Society

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