GOODS: The Best Fitness Gear to Jump-Start 2013

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA |

Another year has come and gone and 2013 is just around the corner…along with all of our fitness New Year’s resolutions.  Remember all those lofty promises from last January?  Well, this year we can make them happen!  Our team has discovered a ton of killer new products, bringing health and technology together to help you reach your personal fitness goals.  Whatever your personal fitness level is today, we’ve found something to help keep you fit in 2013.  Remember that it’s the little changes that you make in your daily life (think stairs instead of elevator) that make a big difference down the road.  Now that we’ve gotten that little pep talk off our chest, we think it’s about time you take advantage of all those post-Christmas sales and pick up all the gear you need to get yourself on track for a healthy and happy 2013. Read more →


12 2012

Circulation: Smoking, Smoking Cessation and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Women


12 2012

Breaking Down Acne

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA

Acne sucks.  Period.  We can’t think of a single beneficial aspect of the stupid thing.  It ruins prom pictures, makes inherently self-conscious teens more self-conscious, and causes your co-workers stare you chin as if Charlie Sheen we’re doing a drug-induced rain dance on it.  As such, it’s time we make it go away.

Now about that.  American capitalism loves acne.  You can’t get through an episode of The Bachelorette without a Clearasil commercial proffering a one-cream cure.   If you walk the Health & Beauty section at Target, you’ll find an entire aisle dedicated to acne treatment.  They’ve designed fancy motorized scrubby brushes, magic creams, and multi-step tonics to treat it.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t need any of that stuff.  A $80 bottle of crème de Provence is no better at treating acne than a generic bottle of 10% benzoyl peroxide.  In fact, the French “crème” is probably making your acne worse.  Don’t believe us?  A little walk through the underlying cause of acne may turn you into a believer. Read more →


11 2012

TRAINER: The June Program

Courtney Walberg, RD, NASM-CPT | CW Nutrition for Body & Mind

The weather is heating up and you’re feeling the pressure to get “bathing suit ready.”  The June Trainer Column, full of explosive exercises, resistance and stability techniques can get you there.  Four weeks from now, you’ll be ready to hit the sand in killer form.

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06 2011

The Sideline: Brian Wilson’s Abdominal Muscle Strain

by Steve Hole, MD 2012

Though he’s under a 2-year, $15 million contract with the World Series champion San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson wears several hats: tattoo canvas, captivating interview star, and closer extraordinaire. The relief pitcher led the majors with 48 saves in 2010 and pitched his best in the biggest moments, striking out Ryan Howard in Game 6 of the NLCS to send the Giants to the World Series, and striking out Nelson Cruz to clinch the team’s first title since leaving New York in 1958.

Despite his obsessive year-round workout program, odds were “less than 50-50” that Mr. Wilson would be ready to play on Opening Day 2011. In a Spring Training game against the LA Angels on March 17, he strained an abdominal muscle during an otherwise routine 7th inning appearance. Pitch counts are an essential part of baseball at all levels, and Mr. Wilson was not beyond his expected workload for this point of the preseason. The injury was undeniably a result of the pitching motion; Mr. Wilson might have felt the strain emerge during one single throw, or emerge gradually over hours or days.

According to Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, an MRI taken after the game showed a “mild strain of the left oblique muscle” but did not show any tears. Fans might remember Mr. Wilson missed time earlier in the spring with a sore back; this injury appears to be unrelated.

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04 2011

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