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The Power of the Mind: Depression and Heart Disease

MD 2012

One word: Psychosomatic.  Think about it…what comes to mind?  The majority of people, at least transiently, see the words “crazy” or “it’s all in your head” flash across their internal teleprompter.  To clarify, psychosomatic is not medical speak for “crazy”; in fact, there is an entire subspecialty of psychiatry that deals with psychosomatic medicine.  The field of psychosomatics is interested in the interface between the mind and the body and the dynamic interplay that goes on between the two.  Recently, the Los Angeles Times published an article that discussed a particular psychosomatic link between depression and heart disease.  We’d like to discuss this association and illuminate the topic with the latest research publications (not that we have anything against the way the LA Times covered it. We just thought you might be interested in the hard science).

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04 2011

Guide to a Healthy & Happy Holiday Season

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA |

The holiday season is both an wonderful and hectic time of year.  Along with holiday cheer comes cross-country travel, quality family time, celebratory feasts…and unfortunately the seasonal flu, stress, sleepless nights in strange beds and post-feast weight gain.  The House Call, MD team has been diligently working around the clock to find proven ways to keep you safe and healthy this winter.  Follow our Holiday Survival Guide below to make it through the season just as happy and healthy as you started it.

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12 2010

Depression & Exercise: Run Your Way to Happiness

by G. John Mullen |

Go to any gym across the country and you’re likely to find quite the variety of folks “getting their workout on.”  You may notice a couple Tara Reid doppelgangers on the stair stepper who appear to have been there for the past 12 hours, a cluster of guys wearing 1980’s style muscle shirts swarming around the bench press, a few big-boned characters “jogging” on the treadmill and, last but not least, a smattering of normal folk trying to stay in shape.  You can’t help but wonder, “What motivates these people to exercise day in and day out?”  Is it pure physical gains? Psychological?  Neuro-chemical?  Social?  The answer is probably a combination of all of the above.  Of note, however, is the psychological effect of exercise.  We’ve all experienced the endorphin-rich high after a good workout.   What if we harnessed that positive feeling…could it help with depression?  This simplistic yet promising thought has to have crossed the mind of a psychiatrist the world.  Well, it turns out is has.  We decided to hit the textbooks and scientific journals to get to the bottom of the issue.

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11 2010

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