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Breakfast: How to Properly Fuel Up for the Day

MS, RD |

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but did you ever stop and wonder why? With so many wise tales out there suggesting why you should eat breakfast, it can be difficult to understand the real benefits.  Once you’ve decided that breakfast is a good idea, you’re faced with the task of deciding exactly what you’re suppose to eat in the morning for this vital meal. We’re here to discuss the benefits of eating breakfast as well as what to include in your well-balanced morning-starter. Finally, we’ll tackle some common excuses for skipping breakfast and debunk them with some helpful time-saving tips. Read the rest of this entry →


08 2010

The Incredible Growing Baby

A newborn baby consumes approximately 100 calories per kilogram per day…which tranlates into a 500 calorie per day diet for an 11 pound baby.  If your average adult had the same metabolic needs as a newborn, we would need to consume 7,000 calories per day (here’s looking at you, Michael Phelps) to survive!  Don’t we all wish we still had a metabolism like that…


03 2009

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