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Guide to a Healthy & Happy Holiday Season

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA |

The holiday season is both an wonderful and hectic time of year.  Along with holiday cheer comes cross-country travel, quality family time, celebratory feasts…and unfortunately the seasonal flu, stress, sleepless nights in strange beds and post-feast weight gain.  The House Call, MD team has been diligently working around the clock to find proven ways to keep you safe and healthy this winter.  Follow our Holiday Survival Guide below to make it through the season just as happy and healthy as you started it.

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12 2010

Taking Exercise on the Road

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA |

Summer vacations provide the opportunity to travel all over the globe.  While you can’t take your gym with you during your travels, there are plenty of ways to exercise while on the road.  Follow these tips to stay in shape while enjoying your time away from home:

  1. Make the commitment: We have a tendency to abandon our workout routine while traveling.  Our recommendation: Don’t!  Commit to working out 3-5 times per week no matter what during your travels and stick to it.  You’ll have more energy and feel better throughout your trip (it’s science).
  2. Take advantage of the local resources: Each region of the world has unique natural resources to enjoy.  Incorporate each region’s unique attributes into your exercise routine.  Try rock climbing in Utah, rowing on the Charles River in Boston, biking in the Swiss Alps, running in the streets of Florence or the hiking in the jungles of Panama.

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07 2010

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