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The Baby Manual: Instructions for your new Kiddo

by Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA |

adapted from the American Academy of Pediatrics’

How many times have you heard new parents say that they wish their new baby came with an instruction manual?  Well, we made one.  It’s by no means the comprehensive novel that comes with a new car (and no, your baby doesn’t come with power windows), but the slimmed-down guideline below will get you started when it comes to caring for your new family member.

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12 2010

Eating for Two: Your Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

MS, RD |

You’re standing in the checkout aisle at the grocery store when you glance over at the newest entertainment magazine and see that yet another celebrity just lost all the weight she gained during her pregnancy in record time and looks even better than she did before the baby. You’re thinking to yourself, “Why can’t I lose my stubborn pregnancy weight?” One of the reasons many women have difficulty losing their post-pregnancy weight is because they don’t know how much weight they should be gaining during their pregnancy. While you are eating for two, you’re not eating for two adults!  We’ll discuss appropriate weight gain during pregnancy, what essential nutrients women need during pregnancy, some diseases that can develop during pregnancy and finally some tips to help lose weight after the big delivery.

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07 2010

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