House Call, MD’s readership is growing at an exponential rate.  What better way to target individuals with a passion for healthy lifestyles and wellness.

What are your advertising options?

We’ve taken a unique approach with our advertising model.  We don’t sell your standard rotating banner ads.  We sell article sponsorship.  We pair your product or company with an article covering a topic that logically connects with your message.  Your choice of ad is then embedded into the article for all time.  The article, outfitted with your witty ad, continues to generate traffic for your company in perpetuity as part of our search engine-optimized compendium of health information.  Your advertising options include:

Classic advertising strategically paired with relevant health content.  We like to keep it simple. The price for your advertisement is a one-time, all-inclusive fee.

Our second advertising option places an embedded link within the text of an article.  The link must be relevant to the topic addressed in the article but offers another valuable means of generating traffic for your site.  What better way to drive traffic than with a linked keyword embedded with an article?  An embedded link costs a flat fee of $150 and remains a part of the article indefinitely.

The Healthy Dose e-newsletter is delivered to subscribers bimonthly and offers another opportunity to engage your target audience in a meaningful way.  An edition of the Healthy Dose will be custom branded, promoting your company’s products and services to our rapidly growing subscriber base.

What does an ad look like?

Take a look at the Top of Article ad placement example below.  Sexy enough for you?

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